Mirabelle provides cost-effective technical solutions and advice to the insurance and construction industries.

As engineers, we live and breathe drawings, specifications, design calculations, standards, procurement, planning and construction management.

As insurance professionals, we know our way around insurance policies and building contracts. We have a profound appreciation of the pressure points of the industry.

By combining engineering and insurance, we demystify your technical challenges and empower you to make critical decisions. Always communicated in a language that will not get lost in translation!

Our experience extends to all construction segments. From major infrastructure projects to power generation, mining, and oil and gas. We have worked on projects across the globe. As far flung as Siberia, Caracas, Istanbul and Noumea.

We unlock timeline issues on insurance claims, monitor complex construction projects and provide proactive and insightful risk management advice. And much more…


Managing Director

Simon Garske established Mirabelle in 2016 and takes an active roll in all projects and assignments. 

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Simon is a qualified engineer (CPEng) and he has lived and worked in Sydney, Leeds, London, Montreal, Atlanta, Paris and Munich.

Simon is well regarded for his unique combination of practical construction knowledge, project planning experience and comprehensive understanding of insurance covers and construction contracts.