Large scale construction projects are in a constant state of flux and rarely built according to the original plans. Can you afford not to monitor your project?

Project Monitoring now plays an important role in modern major construction projects.
At Mirabelle, we have developed a proactive monitoring system to complement existing risk management practises. Recording important site data, to increase the likelihood for fair and prompt settlement of claims. As well as acting as an early warning system, anticipating potential issues which may affect the delivery of the project.
We are engaged by insurers, brokers, financial institutions, investors, owners, superintendents and contractors. We can create a monitoring regime tailored to your specific requirements and budgets.

Benefits of Project Monitoring

  • Obtain regular and accurate project status information
  • Key milestone tracking
  • Follow and record changes to the critical path
  • Provide recorded ‘snapshots’ in time
  • Enhanced risk management project planning
  • Early warning of changes that may require amendments of insurance cover
  • Contribute to fair and prompt determination of insurance delay claims (ALOP, DSU, PI)
  • Increased capacity to make informed mitigation and acceleration decisions following an event
  • Significant enhancement to risk engineering services

Contact Mirabelle to find out more on how we can tailor a cost effective monitoring program for your project.

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