Construction risk management taken to the next level. Proactive risk mitigation designed for construction projects.

There is no doubting that risk engineering plays an important part of any risk management framework for major projects. Sadly, it is all too often seen, that site visits are left very late in the project lifespan to make any real difference, and then focus on minor house keeping issues on site.

At Mirabelle, we know there is a better way. Our aim is to make the risk engineer a pivotal contributor to the success of a project and its overall risk reduction (physical and time).

Our Risk Engineering strategy has two main objectives; 1) make a genuine proactive contribution to the overall success of the project risk management, and 2) spend focused and meaningful time on site.

Mirabelle risk engineering services:

Project Review

By reviewing the plans, specifications and work method statements, in the early stages of a project we can often identify a range of hazards and potential exposures at a time when it is easier to make changes. This not only includes project processes, but also material, equipment and protection facilities (such as fire systems) that may have a detrimental affect on the long term risk profile of the completed facility. The cost of retrospectively upgrading components of a project can be astronomical. A classic and costly example is Berlin Airport.

Project Planning Data

Utilising the project planning programmes and reviewing monthly site reports, we can monitor the actual progress of the project and proactively identify issues that may affect the delivery of the project or allow the site team to procure contingency plans.

Project Programme Audits

Independently reviewing the construction programmes (such as Primavera P6) we often reveal significant errors in the logic used to create the files. An independent audit can also ensure programme robustness, functionality and reveal possibilities for reductions in and savings in the overall delivery time.

Appropriately Timed Site Visits

Plan site visits around significant moments and milestones on the project to ensure that the insurers are appropriately represented during these key moments. This may include large lifts and testing and commissioning. After all, it is the insurer who will pay if it goes wrong!

Bespoke Reports

Our reports are tailored to the audience and focus on issues that are relevant, such as specific coverage issues in the policy. Dashboards and summaries are produced when there is no need to generate a thick report, never to be read. Our priority is to always spend more time on site making a real difference.


Is your risk engineer on site when it really counts? Have a closer look at the photo above and look for the orange ‘hi-vis’ vest. That is the kind of commitment we like to see from risk engineers – with appropriate insurance obviously! 

Contact Mirabelle to found out more on how we can tailor a cost effective risk engineering service for your project.